New Snom option proves effective: Vtel places big order for branded phones

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Berlin, 31 July 2018 – Berlin-based IP telephony specialist Snom is happy to announce a special order from Dutch telecommunication service provider Vtel. For its healthcare branch Vcare the company ordered more than 2,000 specially Vtel branded phones with high-quality special features.

Especially in the health sector, good and secure accessibility is of decisive importance. With “Vcare”, the Dutch telecommunication service provider has developed a reliable, highly secure and efficient cloud telephony solution that optimally supports employees in hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and nursing homes as well as patients and their relatives.

Vcare offers the health sector the best of two worlds: a highly secure cloud telephony solution with all the benefits and flexibility of Internet telephony plus the necessary reliability and security of a closed network.

For the further expansion of its Vcare offer the company has now ordered over 2,000 telephones with custom Vtel branding and sophisticated special functions such as the pre-set “Urgent” button for emergencies or frequently called contacts. Since Snom joined VTech, this does not constitute a problem anymore, as products are virtually manufactured “at home”.


Jörg Kampers, Channel Director Nordics of Snom

“Generally, Snom offers all kinds of personalisation of its phones. Depending on the volume of the order and the scope of the adjustments, the client needs to evaluate whether the effort is justified or whether they prefer a quicker, more cost-effective solution. Vtel’s order – particularly of this magnitude and with this service catalogue – is impressive proof of our commitment to always develop products with the highest quality, excellent ease of use and technological innovation, which perfectly match our clients’ individual requirements,” says Jörg Kampers, Channel Director Nordics at Snom.

“Naturally, for our customers in the health sector there can only be optimum service and the best possible solutions. We are glad that we could strengthen our collaboration with Snom and develop solutions for Vcare that meet these high demands at any time and to the full extent,” states Gerard Olde Olthof, Vtel CEO.

About Snom

A leading global premium brand for innovative professional and enterprise VoIP phones, Snom is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Founded in 1997, Snom is a pioneer in the VoIP industry, launching the world’s first IP phone in 2001. Today, Snom’s product portfolio meets the full spectrum of business communications requirements of call centers, conference rooms and executive management through to safety-conscious industrial environments.
A subsidiary of VTech Holdings Limited since 2016, Snom has offices in Italy, the UK, France and Taiwan and enjoys an excellent global reputation in the Voice-over-IP market. Snom’s products are renowned for their technical innovation, aesthetic design, user-friendliness and outstanding audio quality. The current product portfolio is universally compatible with all leading PBX platforms and Snom products have won numerous awards around the world from independent experts.
Engineered in Germany, Snom’s IP solutions also make an excellent choice for vertical markets, such as healthcare and education, when searching for specialized solutions in business communications, IoT and smart technologies.
Visit to find out more about Snom Technology GmbH. To learn more about VTech, please visit

About Vtel telecom:

Vtel is a provider of telecommunications products and services to the professional market. Since its inception 25 years ago, the Company has built a track record as a professional and reliable partner for organizations. Quality and continuity of phone connections are vital to their clients, often in a literal sense, as many are in the healthcare industry. Based on Vtel’s internal knowledge and in-house R&D, the Company developed Vcare powered by Vtel: a telecommunications environment specifically designed for clients in the healthcare industry that by nature must be able to rely on accuracy, privacy and reliability. More than half of all out-of-hours General Practice centres in the Netherlands and hundreds of other practices and healthcare centres entrust their telephone availability to Vcare. Today, more than 13 million Dutch people can count on highly reliable and secure communication with an out-of-hours GP centre thanks to Vtel’s high-security Vcare telephony platform.
Vtel has a leading edge based on its focus on the fundamental communication needs of each client, enabling them to connect with their target group in all forms. These needs are translated into an optimal solution of new and proven technologies developed for telecommunication. This ensures that clients have access to both the solution they asked for and the solution that they really need.
Read more about Vtel telecom on the website and for information about Vcare by Vtel.

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