Strategic Marketing Consultancy

Your way out of the masses.

In order to identify the right mix of instruments to be used to advertise a brand or increase the sales of a new line of products, it is essential to assess the marketing tools’ potential on the target market in the light of the expected return on investment.

To this end we conduct detailed market analyses by assessing the quality, the quantity and the positioning of the competition. We deliver a business plan – valid for one year – with all the indications of possible developments of the target market and of your company in relation to that market – alongside a complete marketing plan which ranges from the traditional marketing mix to the more modern native web marketing and sponsored activities. Both the business plan and the marketing plan provide an overview of the targeted and suggested activities and of the related costs with a quarterly schedule.

  • 20+ years Experience
  • Professional Marketers
  • Media Buying Center
  • Special Conditions granted
  • Full Monitoring
  • Accurate Tracking

Our customers are free to decide if they wish to entrust us with the completion of the proposed activities or if they wish to contact a third party to accomplish the plan. This is what we call a strategic marketing service: We show you the way and how to proceed based on our expertise and analyses, but you are the one to select the most suitable “means of transport” depending on your needs.

If we are asked to accomplish the marketing tasks included in the business plan, we identify the right marketing mix to advertise your brand or boost the sales of a new line of products and we prepare an activity plan based on our customers’ needs and allocated budget. We personally implement the plan. The provided “visibility” services range from media buying (taking the best performance / price ratio into consideration) on the target market to the adequately advertised launch and management of promotional campaigns for end-users and trade channels as well as the organization and conduct of events. We handle the entire management and conduct of the agreed marketing plan either together with your marketing specialist or as your (of course outsourced) marketing department, in which case we wear your cap, presenting ourselves as official members of your team.

The advantage of outsourcing? You can benefit from specialists at a much lower cost than hiring a team of qualified and experienced image experts! Of course, this would not be possible, if we didn’t grant exclusivity to our customers.

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