Lead Nurturing

A very time and resource-consuming task but it generates sales!

What’s next? This is indeed a very important question!

The answer determines the success of any lead generation campaign. Be it a call-to-action through white papers or content marketing, or a participation in a trade show: what happens with the leads you generated?

Besides the obvious commercial activities, like recalls and appointments, what can you do to ensure that the generated leads, particularly those which are not immediately converted into sales, do not forget you in a blink of an eye?

lead nurturing

Lead nurturing is indeed a very time and resource-consuming task but it generates sales, which you would never achieve without these activities. The reason? Considering that a prospect conversion rate of 2 to 5% is generically seen as a huge success, there is still at least a 95% opportunity on the contacts you generated, which you are not taking care of.

Even your current customers are prospects for your remaining product range (dream of recurrent or cross sales?). Not staying in touch with stakeholders (prospects, customers, people who expressed an interest) equals massively lost revenue opportunities: the contact person might not have the necessary budget today, but he might have tomorrow!

If you deploy advanced and integrated CRM solutions, it is easy to track customer feedback and follow-up actions upon your communications. In case you do not use such tools, we deliver a full assessment of the mails we send through our platform and track with you hits and conversions.
Current and potential customers deserve dedicated contents. Would you open a mail which you identify as not matching with your interests or role in the company? What if this irrelevant mails reach you regularly? They are the best candidate for the spam folder. This is why we support you with the creation of a targeted content plan (and production in case needed), based on the needs of your contacts.
What a great word, particularly if it applies to sales! Regardless if your contacts are leads or current customers, all of them are prospects for your whole product or service range. The contact person might not have the necessary budget today, but he might have tomorrow! Why lose this great cross selling opportunity?

If correctly carried out, lead nurturing activities require much attention to the composition of your leads and to the content production: you should create targeted communications to periodically reach your contacts with adequate contents to stimulate an action, like reading your newest white paper (which needs to be produced of course) or taking note of your newest product or even benefitting from your latest “trade-in” promotion. Even a simple newsletter can be customised to better fit the needs and expectations of the different prospects’ categories: let your leads feel they are one in a million and not yet another newsletter or tradeshow invitation receipient.

Considering how costly it is to repeatedly launch campaigns to generate new leads, imagine how much potential you’re wasting by not working on not yet converted prospects. implementing a long term content-oriented follow-up activity on stakeholders should be embedded in any strategic company growth plan – the same as chasing new markets – basically because the sure way to miss success is to miss the opportunity (Victor Chasles).

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