Your chance to generate new business opportunities.

A direct contact with your customers and partners is one of the tools you can deploy to enlarge your reach on your target market.

As it is not always possible to cover the whole territory with a dedicated richly staffed sales team, companies often rely on roadshows, exhibitions, workshops, webinars or even press conferences to actively disseminate the information about new products or services, roadmaps or other important disclosures.

Based on our over 20 years experience in the organisation and management of whole trade shows or our customers’ participation at exhibitions, as well as in the conduct of customer-related events, we can deliver the following services:

Our presence at the event to ensure a smooth conduct of all operations.
Selection and production of gadgets.
Logistics (selection and management of the location, management of booth constructors for exhibitions, selection of hostesses if needed).
Invitation and organizational legwork including registration, landing page and recall.
Coordination of your press agency’s activities (in case you have one) or conduct of all press activities through our PR department, to inform the major media about your event.
Exhibitors’ acquisition, in case your sales staff do not have the needed language competences or are insufficient.
Adequate planning, depending on the nature of the event (e.g. private, like VIP events / “club” / reseller venues, or public, like trade shows or product / brand launch events).
Media buying based on the best price/performance ratio to advertise the event (particularly recommended if you wish to start a new exhibition and wish to acquire enough exhibitors).
Creation of ad hoc information material, invitations, brochures, presentations – if needed, training for your sales staff.

… and much much more, for a “turnkey” experience.


Despite efficient project management, the success of any event is strictly bound to the level of cooperation granted by your sales team in all project phases.