Content Management

The pillar of storytelling

Everybody knows that content is the name of the game of any communication activity. The issue?

Not all of us are blessed with copywriting talents. Not all of us are able to see and correctly communicate an apparently irrelevant technical detail as a unique selling point, which could make a difference in sales! It is actually obvious… Irrelevant, badly formulated, pointless content is the equivalent of a death declaration to ideas. It undermines any corporate communication effort from the very start.

Regardless of the platform you use for your interaction with potential or existing customers, regardless of the means of information you use (press relations and advertising, brochures, presentation, website), targeted, market oriented and interest generating content is the key for success.

Our Services
Contents for surveys to check which kind of audience you actually have and which attitudes this audience has towards your products and services.
Contents for your advertising campaigns.
Development of brochures, company presentations, website contents.
Production of texts for press releases, articles or white papers, referrals and similar material for public distribution.
Content driven marketing campaigns to test out your clientele, particularly on social media and popular online platforms.
Company blog management (including content production) with a clear schedule and adequate tagging.

With “Content Management” we refer to both scheduling and production of any kind of text for any kind of communication, be it an opinion paper to be distributed to the press or a blog post, be it feeding with interesting contents your social media platforms or creating a Lead Generation campaign, followed-up by lead nurturing activities, this is our forte!

All in all, whenever you wonder how to bring to paper your latest idea, just ask yourself if it’s worth entrusting it to a professional copywriter. Your benefit? You save on your resources for important tasks, ensuring at the same time that your content is taken care of in the best way.

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