Community Management

Your way to recruit and retain stakeholders.

Interacting directly with your existing and potential customers via social media can be a double-edged sword.

Be it your company blog, a presence on Facebook or a Google+ page, or even just the monitoring and moderation of Twitter conversations or of a LinkedIn group, this kind of activity can turn into a boomerang, if not dealt with appropriately.

With “Community Management” we refer to all activities related to the use of social media channels in a convenient way for our customers.

We build up and maintain your community from scratch as if we were you, i.e. interacting with your followers on your behalf. This activity requires a high degree of trust in the partner you choose to accomplish this delicate task, that is why we grant you absolute exclusivity.

We carry out initial surveys on the social network of your choice to check which kind of audience you actually have and what attitudes this audience has towards your products and services.
We develop targeted campaigns to increase both your brand awareness and visibility through these channels.
We produce a customised content schedule, based on the level of information you wish to share and on your possibilities (internal resources, available materials, objectives, actual brand positioning, budget).
Autonomous content production in case you lack adequate texts or pictures fitting the social media platform you wish us to take care of: arousing no interest or attention or curiosity is even worse than not being present on social media at all.
Continuous monitoring of any feedback by the customers or leads among your “fans” or “followers”, including replies (do not forget that “interaction” on social media is equivalent to direct touch!).

- Our Strategy

Thanks to the expertise we have acquired in the past years, we are in a position to best manage any crisis situation, which might arise: you can never know in advance, if a “troll” might suddenly decide to spam your page, Twitter account or group. Just one piece of advice: if you go social, do not leave your page “unattended”.

All in all, when you think about social media, you should not question the success perspectives of your page or group in the short to mid-term. The question you should ask yourself before even planning such a move, is “ARE YOU READY?


Communities we currently serve / manage:

AVM GmbH – Switzerland

For AVM we manage the facebook community in three language (multi-lingual page). On twitter we share contents in German.

G DATA Italy

Stormshield Italy