Channel Marketing

Your best tool to recruit or retain partners.

If you adopted a two-tier commercial strategy you’ll be confronted with contractual obligations as to the allocation of funds. Managing these investments and tracking their success is just part of your channel marketing task: you should recruit and retain partners first.

This task requires a deep knowledge about activities with the highest ROI potential on your target market, which can’t be taken for granted, particularly if you run your international business from outside the target country.

Being basically co-op marketing activities part of your marketing strategy, a correct management of the budgets which you put at the disposal of your partners should be a key strategic element of your business development plans, exactly as the funds you invest in the recruitment of new partners.

  • 20+ years experience
  • International reach
  • Sales oriented
  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Unusual concepts
  • Success Tracking

Even more resource consuming is an effective tracking of results and continuous interaction with your partners, to motivate them on the one hand and to safeguard your interests on the other, by ensuring that the selected joint activities contribute to a higher joint brand recognition and not just to either the margin or visibility of your partner.

But this is not all! A good channel marketing strategy includes far more than just managing a co-op budget and delivering artworks or templates for presentations and campaigns. Your partners are your very first multiplicators on your target market, they should be informed upfront about any new product launch, they should benefit from insights on your roadmap, should feel and be pampered like VIPs (as they are indeed) and should be incentivised through ad hoc campaigns.

Last but actually first: they should be recruited!

What if you do not have the time / resources to take care of what – in our humble opinion – are the basics of channel success?

What we mentioned above is just an extract from the channel marketing services we deliver to our customers. If you are considering oursourcing this branch of your marketing strategy, ask experts: Ask us!

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