SAB Publishing

Unsere Verlagsprojekte

Our 20 years experience in media relations management for our customers has assured us a deep insight into the editorial world, which, particularly in Switzerland, is very limited, compared to the plethora of media, available in other countries.

This is why we decided to create a new business unit, SAB Publishing, and to extend our service portfolio by concretely supporting publishers wishing to enter the Swiss Market with local magazines, issued in Switzerland for Switzerland.

  • Swiss media
  • Set-up from scratch
  • Full management

As to this, we offer a complete solution, ranging from providing a legal seat and reference to the new-to-be-founded Swiss company up to the full management of the magazine in terms of business development, external relations, creation of strategic partnerships, as well as – if needed – of the entire issuing and distribution processes. A full evaluation of the potential ROI and success rate of the hypothetical new magazine is delivered upfront.


The Daily Geek
by SAB Publishing


With „The Daily Geek“ we continue our experience in the Swiss editorial landscape as publishers. Our editorial project is online since April 2017 and already presents an interesting quantity of articles in Italian and German (partially pre-produced to have a critical mass before launching the portal).

The contents or our currently bilingual magazine are not always the same in all languages and dedicated to technofans and geeks. Nerds will not find what they need on The Daily Geek, as the portal explains and speaks about technology by avoiding bits and bytes, as much as possibile, in order to address a larger public.

We do not plan any printed magazine for the time being, but we might change our mind. We plan for next year a French section, though.


ON Smart Technology
by Publinternational


We delivered full operational and commercial support to the project in our role as President of Publinternational Sagl from september 2015 to december 2016. This editorial project filled an unattended niche in the Swiss media landscape. Initally bilingual (IT/FR), German was added to the webzine in the month of november 2016.

The printed bilingual monthly (IT/DE) planned and partially produced to be issued in the month of December 2016, should have analized trends and technology applications with very practical examples as a unique tool, supporting the purchase decisions of the high spending Swiss consumers.

Unfortunately, since we handed over the well started project with initial advertising orders to the owners, the printed magazine was never published and the webzine is currently updated only in Italian. The last test was produced by the editor in chief in December 2016, under our management.

  • MONTHLY MAGAZINE (printed)