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Why the Galactical Empire failed in data security

It just so happens that the Star Wars saga (at least Episode IV-VI) is a textbook example of how not to handle what is basically a data breach. The Empire is, to put it mildly, woefully unaware of how data security works, resulting in less than ideal reactions in [...]


Voice assistants and cybersecurity: is it already too late?

Recent news on voice assistants’ vulnerabilities make the issue of security a priority, which Paul Fariello, Technical Leader of Stormshield, outlines in this article. Although the “hyperconnection” and the use of voice assistants simplify our life, they also represent a risk in terms of information security.


Spring clean for the corporate network

Spring is the best time for a major clean-up – not just in the home, but in the office as well. Once a year, many people traditionally use a spring clean to have a major clean-up within their own four walls. Administrators should also use this opportunity to check [...]