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DECT is the best solution

For about a year, the Berlin VoIP pioneer, Snom, has been producing and selling wireless headsets and speakerphone modules for its conferencing solutions. These devices have one fundamental difference from the usual one: the manufacturer has put its trust in the DECT protocol, the standard used globally for cordless phones.

Is cybersecurity a male-only environment?

Despite being dynamic and well-paid, the cybersecurity sector is faced with a talent shortfall – particularly in terms of female talent. Could tomorrow’s solutions rely – at least in part – on training today’s schoolgirls?

Malware: a retrospective of 2018

The Stormshield Security Intelligence team looks at the state of play in the world of malware in 2018: although it was a year free of massive attacks, new sophisticated malware threats were born. However, these attacks still did not manage to replace good old ransomware.